Abyx website will complete soon

Hello and welcome!

This website has been online for quite some months now; but no actual content appaered so far. This is because are homemade CMS "Platform" is still not completely ready yet (we've done approx. 75% so far). Once our CMS is mature enough to power the full site, we will be launching content and product pages for our apps and other software tools. Please stay tuned for more updates... :)

The current site is powered by a light version of our CMS "Platform 1", currently we're working on "Platform 2". The looks and feel are almost identical, but there will be some huge changes under the hood. This means that performance will be increased and a lot of bugs will be crushed.

See you soon! Abyx

Post created by Pieter Verschaffelt on 2016-06-27 16:26:07