Android Police Reader

Unofficial reader for Android Police which supports offline reading and auto-downloading new articles in the background. It's also way faster than the official website and is ad-free!

Energy Monitor

Monitor your energy usage and try to diminish it! Energy Monitor allows you to save your electricity and gas usage, but also allows you to save your electricity production (through for example solar panels). Nice graphs will give you an overview.


Noticer is a very easy-to-use and lightweight app built to register and manage your everyday expenses. Noticer reminds you every day at a specific time (you can set this time yourself) to register your new expenses, so you'll never skip a day.


Tired of carying all those Loyalty cards with you all the time? Always forget that one card that you need? These problems belong to the past now because Loyalty enables you to store all your loyalty cards and tickets in one place!